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Behind every feat of greatness is a spark of inspiration. Grand ideas, products and plans often lay slumbering and fallow – until a spark ignites inspiration and embers flare into greatness.

That is the driving force behind Cornerstone. Undergirded by our vision, “Inspiring Growth”, we exist to serve as the vehicle of inspiration to enable your company, brand, product or service to pinpoint its vision, understand the unique value of the offering and then craft the strategy to propel you to growth – so that you, in turn, can inspire the same growth in others.

Established in 2013, Cornerstone is a brand and communications agency with a difference, we offer amongst others, cutting edge marketing, communication and brand strategy services, tailor made to position your company, brand, product, service, city or country as a forerunner in national and international markets. At the same time, our solutions are crafted against the bigger picture of uplifting and transforming the social, economic and psychological landscape of Namibia, the region and Africa as a whole.

Our services are geared towards small business, corporates, towns, cities and nations eager to position themselves to take up the baton of investing in a brighter future for their customers, inhabitants and citizens. Our offering is first and foremost vision-driven and takes as the starting point our client’s specific vision for their product, service, town, city or nation.


Many Namibian businesses have found themselves struggling to stay afloat as a result of the far-reaching effects of COVID-19. Cornerstone and Fisher Consulting have reached out to business owners across multiple industries to understand their experiences and how they’ve had to innovate, reposition, and rethink marketing strategies and spend in order to wither the storm.

To assist companies to build more sustainable brands and to emerge stronger from the pandemic, Cornerstone and Fisher Consulting put together a research report. We believe this valuable information will assist in putting many businesses back on a growth trajectory and help Namibian companies to continue to build even stronger sustainable brands.


Margareth Gustavo

Managing Director (Cornerstone)

Margareth Gustavo is a communications and branding powerhouse, who is passionate about Namibia and the African continent. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce...

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Marianna Visser

Mariana Visser

Research Psychologist (Fisher Consulting)

Mariana Visser received a Masters’ of Commerce in Research Psychology from Rhodes University in 2006, specialising in Organisation Development. She gained experience...

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Madelaine Keyser

Marketing Strategist (Think Leverage) (SA)

Madelaine has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, having built a reputation for developing unconventional marketing solutions. Finding smarter, faster ways...

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This report encapsulates the detailed results of the Namibian Brands on: Resilience. Recovery. Growth.

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